remind me

i put on a pair of pants yesterday,

& they reminded me: “life is too important to be taken seriously”

los fotos

yoga jam

yoga jam is a local community event here in Whistler ; brought by White Gold Yoga raise funds for the Africa Yoga Project & I had the privilege to spend the afternoon photographing its wondrous flow full of music prizes surprises & bliss;

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  • yoga & karma & imagery
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[ look here for the cover story from lululemon athletica ]

for more photographs visit the white gold yoga facebook page

cheaky river

always look west

what goes around comes aroundwe’re digging our new homes now
we’re planting seeds
& learning the other side of the valley trails


her name is alexa

we took photographs

& found out about unpaving and pathmaking

it's all about being


live Life yoga

from opportunity to connection to exploration of land , body & soul

an amazing group of people stepped into this space of light and yoga life

place: playa negra, costa rica
space: peace retreat (
purpose: live life yoga (ichih wang)

the following is a compilation of photographs .. the ‘yoga off the mat’ kinda stuff . short film in the studio coming soon ..

just do
you are all ways ready for peace ..






noun, plural op·por·tu·ni·ties.

1. an appropriate or favourable time or occasion
2. a situation or condition favourable for attainment of a goal
3. a good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success
for growth
look around
maybe this photograph represents change, too
it’s time for that familiar unfamiliar feeling;
an airplane to a fresh land
spending twenty days in march
exploring the depths
of the waters
stretching the depths
of this body
& mind – only the heart of matters
costa rica translates to “rich coast”
ichih wang, live life yoga, has invited me to capture 
peaces of her light & yoga life (on retreat locale) & i could not be more thankful for the opportunity;



because the light already exists ,
& there doesn’t need to be separation 

Screenshot 2014-02-23 17.24.32 for up&coming projects

happy valen times


  • yogi bears
  • light and love
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love & learn ; 
tonights event at lululemon athletica in westboro will include a complimentary PARTNER YOGA class with the experienced Ciara Beaton ; followed by drinks and snacks of sorts !!


(photographs taken at santosha yoga studio)

wanaka reality

a spectrum of WANAKA is finally here . just over a year ago , we hiked that hike in the middle of the night & i learned proper chess with you most gentle of men ; oh the ducks oh the skies oh the views oh PUNGA   –    so many stories squeezed into some sort of stubborn love ; an overdue personal film edit of some time new zealand ;

dedicated to all of you who just know

(play with your




she’s unlabelled

she could be
she is
a walking poet a reminder a piece of light laying along the right side
she is the most sentient being i have come to try & understand,
as raw, & real, as those tangly rooted trees growing mangoes beside the bungalow,

she opens perspective through honesty billowing out of her , for example ;
a belief i have stood by firmly is that everything we need, we have inside of ourselves. cheesy as hell, true as hell and far deeper than my easily distracted, desiring instant-gratification self can handle at times. . you crave nature, moreover you need nature – real nature, trees that seduce you as you walk past, rough ocean that takes you and battles the thoughts out of your body, vast desert, abrasive and unforgiving , BUT you are surrounded by . . what to do?! wish upon wish you were somewhere else, yes but to what extent? frustrated and desperate to no-end, eventually you may come to see the forest under your skin, the ocean in your belly, the desert inside your feet. we could apply this to almost anything, the thirst for touch, sex, food, money, travel, connection. we can access it without actually obtaining it. but, merely saying this can sound like just another new-age catch-phrase, so what to do? how to get IN when the doors are closed? now i see, sometimes it is not as literal as one thinks. it hardly ever is. what you are craving/desiring is leading you to that which is beyond it, your desire is a pack of layers, each one as surprising as the next. so, be led but do not be fooled. and do not let your mind’s concrete idea of what you want limit that which you already have. . . all these words are fueled by watching the ideas attached to my desires and the desires of those around me. words written for a friend. words also coming from – - – - this slowly deliciously drawn-out blessing feeling inside of me. feeling so divinely blessed to have a home – a home which is redirecting me back to me. back to quiet and the yumminess of self. back to ritual that is not a one-instant kind of thing, but is ongoing, in the eating, washing, typing, breathing, sleeping actions of our life. a home that is reawakening something quite unspoken inside of me. so, i didn’t need to go to a forest, or a temple, or a this or a that, but i needed something, one prompt to lead me back Home, to the infinitely spacious space that resides inside my being, that never falters in its depth and with every in breath sinks further in, closer to that which is sacred and precious and on the inside of Life. so, that’s just it.. what is your way IN? maybe it is not the meditation practice you religiously follow everyday. maybe it is not sex with the object of your desire. maybe it is not moving to a forest absent from city.noise. maybe it is not trekking around the world non-stop. maybe it is not devouring knowledge like food. maybe it is not people-connection. maybe it is not what you thought it was. the doorway IN is always changing, and it can be that which we least thought it to be. keep attentive to the doors, to the hugs, pokes, spaces, sounds that ask to be felt, touched, heard. and if you’re still feeling stuck, change. something. small – your room. your hair. the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning. your eating. stop something. start something. and be open to the notion that your ideas may all be wrong. sometimes doors just open themselves, you merely changed the position of a thought”

in pai , haylee was my muse , & remains to be an awe-inspiring peace of my diet , my scrapmapping spread ; anyway , here are some moments in haylee-time ;



du two lifestyle

product available here


photographs taken in westboro; with andi in november


apparel for life

presenting a piece of the fall/winter line of two thousand & thirteen with model lauren topley
more photographs coming soon;

see more @

imagery in time


another story about reminiscing

because we all see light


your heart knows things that your mind can’t explain ;
hold on to that space : in between dreams & reality

is there really a difference?

october sights

some photographs taken from both australia & canada , over the last month or so .

we all have adventure

“only barbarians are not curious about where they come from, how they came to be where they are, where they appear to be going, whether they wish to go there, and if so, why, and if not, why not” isaiah berlin 

the east coast of australia

ref   lec  t

promised land

love is a noun
love is a

love is a noun

mr & mrs tate

there was even a heart carved in the tree ;

i was lucky enough to photograph this wondrous wedding , located countryside of new south wales australia .. with the sun shining ever so brightly along with all dimensions of love present & defined

introducing crystal & sam tate ,

love, Love.

it's love, all love.


wuv , twue wuv ..


remember to breathe

last months photoshoot with DU , in ottawa ontario ;
with the beautiful Kristen Kerr & the new women’s fall tank !! available here



how sweet life can be ;


i’m currently [lucky enough to be] in australia ; wandering the east countryside for some time. i photographed a lot of love the other day , a wedding .. a wonderful wedding, where she carved a heart in the tree, where she wrote him a song ; i can’t wait to share all of the photographs. 

“for one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation” rainer maria rilke

send a postcard

she’s an entrepreneur. she believes in love, & letters ; she’s inspiring people to unplug from this technocrazyworld & write again. she has been bringing postcards back to life, alongside the creations of all sorts of artists. who doesn’t enjoy getting mail!? real mail. that tangible goodstuff; it’s beautiful it’s thoughtful, it’s a lost art. after having spent the year travelling, postcards packages and letters were extremely important to me. i’ll be lucky enough to have a collection of photographs out with kissypost shortly!! have a look deeper into her vision & business sense at

cardpost love


to converse , to reminisce , & to write about travels ; all very daunting really.

“sooo, how was it – best experience?!”
“what was your favourite place?”
“what did you do!!”
“what’s next?!”

so many (legitimate) questions, so little (legitimate) answers. a fortunate adventure with wanderlust, a travel in time & across seas, seven spontaneous countries. it was quite the trip, to say the very least. now that home has arrived & almost (reluctantly) become uncomfortably comfortable again, it’s been time to let the experience sink, settle and adjust with mind, perspective, & body. gosh, it has not been the smoothest settle – rather, it has been a struggle, a shock, a jumble ; a flash from clarity to confusion seems to be the best description.

light is a reasonable answer, a particularly fitting way to tell these stories. photographs & films will try and give you (& me) some justice, & perhaps a point of view, of some time in some of the most beautiful corners i had the pleasure of peaking into, of this wholewidewonderfulworld. printing, organizing, editing, sharing ; a building process.

with regards to moving forward, the train track has tunnels of lovely light to come. in a few days time another airplane will be boarded overseas to see some of the love i love in the foreign lands of australia.

ready to Fly

‘once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen’
ralph waldo emerson


a short film: pai, thailand


my first very own film!

pai, “hangout” , is a small town in the north of thailand where i decided to extend a trip of four days to just over six weeks in a wondrous little bungalowhome ; this place is full of mountains & waterfalls & hotsprings butterflies music poetry wheatgrass markets smiles canyons & colours & gosh, so much more . the following is compilation of some light & landscape over one or two of these days ,

music: ray ray by fat freddy’s drop (new zealand artist)
shot with: nikon d800
edits: adobe premiere elements